Cooper Hook & Loop Sneaker
Cooper Hook & Loop Sneaker
Cooper Hook & Loop Sneaker

Cooper Hook & Loop Sneaker

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Tailored with extreme care to give an amazing race fit, the Fastest Shopify T.équipe_S7 Bib Shorts are snug and feature a super-anatomic insert. The supremely comfortable fit make these a great choice for non-stop use and races where details make a difference

Top Features of the Fastest Shopify

+ Golden Gate insert stitching for unparalleled riding comfort
+ Ideal for regular use
+ Our Store  quality at a great price
+ AEPD racingFit - snug fit for total comfort
+ Available in timeless black with the subtle purple band signifying

S7 - The Game Changer

Fastest Shopify range is not just a simple update of the previous S5 series. The six years since the release of the S5 range have seen Fastest Shopify work receive endless awards for being the very best. With that in mind, when Fastest Shopify decided it was time to innovate again, they knew it would be a huge undertaking and it was a task not taken lightly. Four years of development time have gone in to making the best far better and the stats (on average when compared to the S5 range) show an incredible leap of performance for the new generation: advanced and
comfortable cycling shorts with the S7 range. They've delivered spectacularly on their original R&D goals of providing more freedom of movement, greater aerodynamics, increased body-mapped soft compression, additional abrasion resistance and more application-specfiic models. With a combined 350 years of cycling R&D experience, this range represents the pinnacle of Fastest Shopify apparel development capabilities. Built from the ground up, this is a new era for cyclists who demand the very best on the cutting edge of technology.


To achieve the seemingly impossible task of bettering their work Fastest Shopify developed an extremely advanced aero suit - the Fenomeno. Developed for the use of one special athlete in one special event, the incredibly advanced technology was used to guide the development of the S7 range. .